Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dries VanNoten

Paris fashion opens with Dries Van Noten
  Dries Van Noten, who presented his fall line in one of the grand rooms of the Hotel de la Ville, a space that made the Sistine Chapel look minimalist and Las Vegas seem discreet. Van Noten focused his collection on the oriental express  with menswear-style blazers belted at the waist and worn with trousers, both slim and wide-legged. Each jacket was brushed with a print or decorated with embroidery down a single sleeve or along one side of the body.
Another little detail is the side part seen on most of the models on the runways.  

The tailoring focused on shades of black, olive, gray and taupe. Where there was bold color—and plenty of it—there were prints. Asian and art deco in feel, they enlivened a blazer, turned a dress into a virtual tapestry. The prints dominated easy dresses and simple shirts that floated on the gentle breeze as the models moved slowly and gracefully down the long stone corridor.

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