Monday, March 5, 2012

Hermes 2012

Hermes is on the runway,  suit and tie fashion, white shirts, fur, leather, with out a doubt the ultra chic European street wear. Just a minute, I don't see the noted  burnt orange in this  fall collection?  The color has been a trade mark of Hermes since 1950's   probably due to  the beautiful handcrafted saddles and leather goods  manufactured by the company. At that time the famous orange boxes were designed and the horse and carriage logo was developed
It appears from these clothes, the somber mood does continue on the runways. The Americans of course know that feeling very well.  Happy to say  we are hopefully at the tail end of our recession.  Creativity radiates mood swings on every scale. Today I'm in the mood for a spot of  orange! (
                             Happy Monday!

The Kelly Bag Made Famous by Grace Kelly

Most people know Hermes as either Greek mythology or a French designer.  Since 1837, Hermes has been selling high-end luxury goods to the world and is most famous for their scarves.  The Hermes scarves are one of the company’s most recognize products.
The Leica M7 Hermes camera simply adds to the expensive luxury goods product line.  The camera is a vintage, retro-looking piece of art that is expected to sell for a large amount of money.  The camera will priced at about $14,000.  The Leica M7 Hermes camera is considered legendary and the M7 is the last film camera released by Lecia, before the creators switched to digital compact cameras.
The Leica M7 Hermes camera is a limited edition and there are only a 100 units of the camera in production.  Because the camera is a limited edition and has such a prestigious name attached to it, there is a possibility that the camera could eventually appreciate.  If that is the case, the Leica M7 Hermes camera may be worth the price.

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