Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Aerin Lauder American Beauty

Aerin Lauder is an American  Beauty icon!  Having been in the beauty business for as long as her 42 years, Aerin is preparing to launch her own beauty label.  If Estee Lauder has not prepared the  the lovely Erin to  make the leap on her own. She will have the support of  Anna Wintour, who will serve as an adviser, NBC head honcho Jeff Zucker will consult, and White House deputy social secretary Ebs Burnough quit his job to hop on the Lauder train. Lauder's collection will have accessories and apparel, as well as housewares and jewelry, some of which will channel her grandmother's private stash. Wow!
Comment: Aerin has always been a strong independent business woman  and brings brilliant influence to the beauty industry! Congrats!

House in the Hamptons

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Manhattan Apartment

Pool in the Hamptons

Hamptons Kitchen

Starting with a beautiful Rose Lip Conditioner for $28 and Multi Color for Lips and Cheeks for $42—August and early September, followed by giftable candles and the like launching in stores for the holidays. Accessories, fabrics, and home (sheets and towels, for example) are expected in Spring 2013

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