Thursday, August 30, 2012

Torino Style and Chocolate

Hermes in Torino

Allora!  Since  my trip to Italy, was a working experience, today we met with the Vincenzi Family, the Bicerin Producers of Chocolate Liquor,Amaretto, Chocolates and many other products.  The meeting was  extremely productive, ending with a wonderful dinner in the square of Torino at Di Michele Cafe.  A few  important opportunities became  available that I will discuss at a later date. Here are a few photos from day two in Torino. Thank you Andre Vincenzi, for a delightful day with so much knowledge you shared.

Today we also made a visit to "Eataly" the original!  Now also in NYC.  See photo below!  Buona Sera!

View from my Balcony in Torino
Torino Square

Bicerin Chocolate (gift from Andre Vincenzi)

Andrea Vincenzi

Hostess at Di Michele

Girls in the square of Torino

Florist in Torino

Bike Rentals

Cafe near hotel

Story of the Pink Umbrella

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