Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Round the Mulberry Bag


Gotta love the Chic London Brand of Mulberry !   Quality, Style and Classic!  A hit with all the young socialites and celebs!   

Emma Hill

What better place to shop for Mulberry handbags is  Harrod's iconic London Store!  Here's a look at Harrods's right at your door step!

First, there's that Britishness. Mulberry was founded 41 years ago by Roger Saul in his Somerset garage. It's true that a decade ago he sold out to Christina Ong, a frustratingly reclusive Singaporean billionaire who has masterminded Mulberry's expansion in Asia. And it is also true that many of Mulberry's famous catnip handbags are now produced outside of Britain - often in Turkey. Yet around 30 per cent still come from Somerset. To maintain this ratio, the company is building a new factory next to the old one, which will double capacity and create 300 new jobs.
The quirkiness continues into Mulberry's catwalk shows: that winter collection was inspired by Where The Wild Things Are and featured monstrous, goat-hair outerwear, Emma Hill the creator Director for Mulberry is truly excited about the expansion of the brand!
Here's what she had to say!
You opened your first U.S. flagship store on Spring Street in New York City on Sept. 8, and you have new stores opening in Holland, Korea and Thailand, among other places. Is there a risk of losing your sense of Britishness as you go global?
As you expand globally, there are certain things that you have to be sensitive to. You have to be sensitive to cultural differences. Things like the weather and sizing and modesty. But I don’t think you should ever change what you are within each country. You shouldn’t make yourself more blingy in Russia or more modest in the Middle East. For me brand is everything. It’s all about brand. Nothing supersedes brand. If you start to dilute your brand then it’s really dangerous territory. If you’re not bling enough for a certain country then perhaps you shouldn’t be there.

Don't forget to check out Harrod's London! A world class shopping experience!

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