Friday, August 17, 2012

The Grand Lady

It's the weekend my darlings! Time to rest our tired bones!   Hope you have already made plans to put your feet up and enjoy  the last few weeks of summer.  My friends and I are heading down to the beach for  a fun girls weekend! Could turn out to be Sex in the City at the Jersey Shore! No! Mr Big is not coming! Should be a memorable time.

Speaking of girlfriends! The other day I ran across a photo of Meryl Streep!  A great favorite of mine. She is a pretty Classy lady with so much style . How easy she works her charm with such a natural flare.  As an actress she plays a part so strong you never know where character begins and Meryl ends!
Here's is a Bio about her life . ( Could be a long novel) Meryl reminds me of a high school girlfriend that stays in your life forever and  gets better with each passing day!  Love you Meryl! 

Enjoy the weekend!

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