Thursday, January 10, 2013

Stella McCartney 2013

Thursday is here and I am requiring a glass of wine to make to Friday.  It's a bit late just enough time  to blog about fashion.  Our designer today is  Stella McCartney!  This  British designer opted for a more established venue  to showcase her new collection: Pre Fall 2013  portrayed  a comfortable  classic collection that  put the Stella McCartney brand in a class  all by herself..

The designer has a way of infusing all corners of a working wardrobe with a sense of ease, and that was apparent even against a buttoned-up backdrop. Super-luxurious fabrics like layered jacquard came laden with fun, like a red suit sprigged with jumbo flowers and a trapunto sweater appliqu├ęd with a gigantic kestrel bird. As McCartney put it, “it was about loosening the stricter side of a woman and adding a little playfulness—bringing two emotions together.” She motioned to a burgundy bomber jacket paired with tailored track pants for proof, but could have easily been talking about what she herself wore: one elegantly oversize tweed onesie freshly minted on the pre-fall production floor.


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