Friday, March 8, 2013

Chanel Fall 2013 Ooh LA LA

Friday Bliss and what better way to end the week! 
 C  H  A  N  E  L
Fall Fashion Celebration.   Karl Lagerfeld has recaptured his Coco Chic in every thread with  glorious outfits in sophisticated tweeds and wovens, paired with  tall leather boots, beautiful jackets, perfect black woven suits and a collection of handbags that may send me into Chanel bankruptcy! The runway had   endless works of art requiring  a novel not a paragraph to tell this story! Bravo Karl, whatever you were doing  before you designed this collection, it renewed my enduring passion for Coco Chanel , you keep the brand so rich in history, your visions and creations continue to give the Picasso influence to Fashion!  
Enjoy the video!   Happy Weekend!

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