Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Lanvin Model Makeup 2013

Lanvin  Model Makeup

 Wednesday March 13th  and if you are following ,we still have no  Pope has of 7:00 this morning. Hopefully we will see gray smoke by this evening!  Rome and  the world will release a big holy sigh when we hear of the successor!

Your fashion collection  today is from Lanvin!  More than the clothes, I was captured by the model makeup and perfect  lip color with  smokey eyes!   The skin is almost translucent against the black!  The chains with words were a big contrast against the angel like faces. Lanvin's Fall collection  was  sophisticated and in his own words this collection was about emotional values of "Happiness, health, love and cool.

What’s so interesting is that although refreshingly modern, the structure of the collection played out almost like an old-style fashion show that would run through daywear tailoring, silk day dresses, prints, cocktail dresses, embroidered special things, gowns, and wedding dresses. Elbaz covered most of that territory as if it were second nature, though the sequencing was a lot more unpredictable than it would have been, say, in an epic Yves Saint Laurent show back in the eighties. 
Carry On and have a fun day!

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