Monday, March 18, 2013

Paris on Monday!

Hello my Friends!   Want to do the  unusual today and don't love Mondays anyway?  My mind keeps telling me it is time to take myself on an adventure.  Although committed to a year of working and putting talents to the grind stone. Every once in  a while we all must  take a mental break.   So, today we go to Paris! 
Yes, it's only a short trip and visually I gathered some looks and places to go, even a snack! So come along!

On arrival

Evening Glam


Reading material

Day dream on Seine

A look at couture

A purchase 
Bike Riding

Ride on the Seine

My garden

The Hotel


Walking around Paris

 View from my the balcony


Are you coming?

French macaroon snack

Must have  shoes

Relax in jeans

Lunch in the garden cafe

Au Revoir

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