Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day in Florence

Bon Giorno! The City of Florence is thriving on this very hot Thursday,  Florence is the capital of Tuscany and only a train ride away from Montecatini! The streets were crowded with tourists enjoying the beauty of this incredible city !  My friends and I wore ourselves to the bone today, walking  the city, learning  the ancient history,  shopping, taking photos and eating!  We were joined by Ennio, who you see in the photos and his guide.  The street markets had some wonderful leathers. Our  purchases  of handbags, shoes and market finds required most of us to buy additional luggage for our return flight. Tomorrow we are off to the Cinque Terre known as the region of Liguria. We will be   taking a boat to visit the coastal cities.

Locks of Love near the Ponte Vecchio ( Lovers engrave their initials on these locks)

Bride and Groom 

Miu Miu

Checking out the sites

Sketching in the square

Dinner Time in Florence

Shopping  For Chanel

Shopping in Mandarina Duck

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  1. Wow! I so love this place I hope I can go there someday, I want to explore and experience their culture. I also like to visit Chanel Shop, I wanna see those luxury bags and ofcourse their PESTO yummy!


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