Monday, July 25, 2011

Balanciaga Resort collection 2012

Nicolas Ghesquiere, the designer of Balenciaga, is one of a handful of young visionaries trying to look at the future of fashion in a believable way.
The Balenciaga look is energized with French street cool and relentlessly sharp in its concept. In addition, Mr. Ghesquiere has made Balenciaga a global brand — through image, accessories and an imaginative expansion of lower-priced lines like knits and trousers.

Mr. Ghesquiere was born in 1971 in a suburb of Lille, France, but spent his childhood in Loudun, a medieval town in the Loire region. At 15, he announced to his parents that he wanted to work in fashion, and with his father's help he composed a letter to several designers. That summer he spent a month at Agnes B. in Paris. "I watched, I photocopied, I made the coffee," he once recalled. 

Nicolas Ghesquiere Designer

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