Sunday, July 31, 2011

Beach Life

Lovely weather for a summer weekend and 3 glorious  days at the Jersey shore. While strolling the beaches and  visiting the boardwalk we ran into the filming of the Jersey Shore  crew. Unfortunately I have never seen the show or know what Snooki looks like. We observed the Jersey crowd for all of 10 minutes and continued to Kohr's ice cream stand.  Lastly I was able to shoot  the beach colors that appeared  brilliant against the  blue sky making  colorful towels and beach umbrellas perfect photo ops.  Another surprise was running into a favorite actress  from Sex in the City! You may have to scroll to end to find out who it was!    Goodbye July!

Transportation for the surfboard

Pink Tiki Umbrella

Making a fashion statement

Lavalette NJ

I won this at the board walk
All Blue Skies 

The one Hour Float

The Early Morning Walk

Getting to the Beach

Tom Bike Riding

At church this morning I happen to sit near Cynthia Nixon (Miranda) from  Sex in The City ! And  happen to have my camera. We spoke to her after mass  and amazingly she was the same height had the same beautiful blue eyes , smiled and spoke exactly as Cynthia. However, she told us she was not the actress! We did not believe her and gave her a hug and told her we loved her anyway.  What do you think?  Yes or No!

Thank You for being so sweet Cynthia or who ever you were!

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