Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fashion in the Streets of Siena, Italy

It is very late here in Italy(2am) and just returned from a night out at the opera in Montecatini.  My days have been so full, I barely have time to tell you about the highlights of this incredible trip.  Although brief , I will try to show you some the events of the day. Today we visited the city of Siena!   Life in the streets of this medival town is rich in works of art, monuments and colorful people.  On July 2nd  the famous Palio of Siena ( famous horse race)  took place in the Piazza Del Campo, the most beautiful piazza in all of Italy.  The festivities in the streets were still apparent with parades and banners goose contradas! (winners)
  We had lunch near the Piazza,  walked through the city and strolled through the shops. Tomorrow my friends and I will be taking   the train to Via Reggio at the beach and  visiting Lucca.   The summer is a glorious time of year to feel the excitement and energy of   Tuscany.  The nights  are filled with laughter and lots of music in streets.  I just may never leave!  

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