Monday, July 11, 2011

Window Shopping in Florence

This is my last day in Italy.  We did some window shopping and  made some last minute purchases  of Italian leathers in Florence . Wanted to show you  my  wonderful  hotel  room shared with my best friend. Thank you ,for who  ever was responsible. Possibly the  manager, it was  spectacular,  and right  in the middle of the hotel over the Hotel Vittoria Canopy! Sad to leave such a wonderful place where each day was filled with happiness and joy from everyone with met!

Our Room with a View

 Morning at 5am from  our balcony

Front of the Hotel Vittoria

Leather Purchase from Florence (Love this  Handmade Bracelet)


Chanel Window in Florence

Matching Black and White for Florence


Louis Vuitton

My Friend Jill shopping for Louis Vuitton

Bottega Veneta

Happy Birthday Ennio
Thank you for a wonderful trip!

Arrivederci Mia Ragazzi's from Montecatini

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