Sunday, September 23, 2012

Bottega Veneta Handcrafted

Hey, divine friends!  It's Milan Fashion week and just finishing up .You may be asking yourself!  Is all this fashion so important? "Let me just go to TJ Maxx or H and M.  Spend my hard earned money on something from the  endless  racks of  trendy wearable clothes  and hundreds of hanging leather handbags that look pretty damn good" not to mention,   the price tags.  Sounds good right ! All well and fabulous. Not really! It would be remiss not to  be awed by the creative minds and artistic talents of thousands of hard working designers, pattern makers, sewers, skilled crafts people, illustrators, photographers,and editors. Many magnanimously put it all on the line to bring us a glimpse of this imaginative world of fashion. Thank You to the Diane Von Furstenburg's,KarlLagerfeld's, Christopher Bailey's, Thomas Maier's, Jil Sander's, and  Anna Wintour's on the  planet,as well as the piece makers that work in the complicated world of fashion. 
Without them  would there be a TJ Maxx?

The Bottega Handbags are designed and created by hand in a workshop in Italy!  The collection shown here is for Spring 2013!


  1. Great picks of bags :)

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  3. o la la ! what a collection this is :-) my favorite is the black 1 with the stripes hanging.


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