Saturday, September 29, 2012

Dior Elegance Spring 2013

                              Dior Runway Spring 2013
Happy Weekend! Did you sleep late today? Is your day starting with a list of chores or adventures? I hope you make some time to pamper yourself! Took an hour for a hair  masque treatment while  blogging and watching the food network!  
So, Today we look at Christian Dior on the runway!

Dior designer Raf Simons created a  parade of elegant stunners, It's a blast from the  past for the Spring 2103 runway.Simons opened with a quartet of refined pantsuits—the jackets’ full, bell-shaped peplum referencing the famous ensemble that Dior designed for his debut collection in spring 1947, and dubbed “Bar.” That fullness accentuated the lean pant.  The Bar jacket then appeared reworked as short little belling-skirted coat dresses in black or white or gray, their volume sometimes increased by the a stitch of  sun ray pleats, one of those Dior technical flourishes that Simons talked about backstage when he enthused about the excitement of being let loose with the legacy—and archives—of the House. 

Front Row at Dior

street style at Dior

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