Friday, September 28, 2012

Madison Muse Favorite Fashion APPS

Thank the stars its Friday!  So much to share and little time!

Last night I attended an App conference by GENWI in NYC.   GENWI, assists me with the publishing of  my APP for Madison Muse.   Brilliant speakers that explored the world of App's  (applications and mobile)  Should we build App's, Web sites or both?  Genwi conference click here!
Most of the speakers agreed that  in the next 2 years, majority of the population will look to Mobile for information.  Apps will   be a convenience and shorten the time for searching and browsing.  Here is the plug for Madison Free App.   Don't forget to download to your mobile phone.  
About Genwi click Here 
It was great to meet  PJ, the founder of Genwi, Rahul, and Raju. They promised to bring to work on new designs for Madison Muse.

   A List of my Favorite Fashion APPs

The collection NY Times only for IPAD's

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