Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Model in Milan

Happy Fashion Tuesday,
Last Week, while sitting in Milan Airport, next to me was a pretty young girl that appeared to have a face of a model.  I was waiting to board the plane and was reading Vogue Paris issue.   The pretty girl kept looking over  at the pages of vogue.  Since I was just about finished reading, I glanced over and  asked if she would like the magazine.Excited she told me that many of her friends where in the issue and told me her name was Lindsey from Kansas. While reading through fashion week editorials I came upon Lindsey ON STYLE.COM . Pleasure to Meet You Lindsey!

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  1. Awesome write-up of a very cool story, Carmie! I'm loving the blog(s), it was such a pleasure to have met you, I hope we can stay in touch!


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