Thursday, January 27, 2011

Designed Bathrooms

Interesting approaches to bathroom design.  Sunlight is important with simple  layouts.
The Toilet seems to be hidden behind closed doors in all the bathrooms.  The size of these bathrooms
may be the size  of  small bedrooms.   

This bathroom as a Danish modern feel with fine paneled walls.

Bathroom as Fireplace with patio and dark wood floors. 

Sinks sit on  Marble box pedestals.  Shower is tucked to the right near large window
leaving plenty of space for lounging.

Marble tiled structures for sinks and shower.  Glass panel  free standing shower

Wood paneled bath  with shower behind glass doors 

Charming bath room with fireplace and  large windows covered with Privacy Screen


  1. Wow these are really impressive images of beautiful bathrooms.
    Paul from

  2. Awesome tubs And the baths are Amazingly designed .. Standing shower is comfortable and the marble looks really outrageous.


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