Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What Suits You Best!

Aside from the  lovely winter weather today! We happen to be closer to Spring than you realize!  
Bundle up and keep warm!  For those of you  lucky enough to catch a flight to the islands enjoy every minute!   Today, I thought I would show  some pretty suits for spring. Putting on a suit makes me feel like  I am making a safe fashion choice. It's difficult to make a mistake wearing a suit! With the right fit it appears as a classic uniform and doesn't need much accessorizing.  Recently on a visit to a hotel. The employees all were wearing the same stylish suits that fit perfectly in all the right places.  Jackets were shorter and snug around the waist line and the skirts were slim and just below the knee!  The color was a soft gray and  each employee looked stunning!  For Spring, it appears the the jackets  if not oversized are form fitting this season!  All  suites available at Neiman Marcus!  Love them all! 
Red Valentino Crochet Knit Jacket & Skirt

Armani Linen Zip Jacket

Donna Karen Jersey Suit

Zac Posen

Armani Collection

Armani Collection

Stella Mc Cartney Tuxedo  Cropped Jacket

St John Collection Fringe Trim Vest

Proenza Schouler  Tweed Suit

St John  Tweed Jacket

Georgio Armani Peplum Jacket

Stella McCartney Tuxedo Jacket (Contrast-Lapel)

St John Ruffled Crepe Jacket

St John Suit

Phillip Lim Cropped Double Breasted Jacket


Theory Gabe Fitted Blazer Charcoal

                                Had to include: Pre Fall Fashion "The Row" Presented by
                                                         Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen

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