Monday, January 10, 2011

Olivia Palermo

Olivia Palermo
 British tabloids named them 'It' girls. And whatever 'it' is, Olivia Palermo has it in abundance. At 24, she has turned a series of photo opportunities at New York parties and charity galas into a lucrative career; her moment in the light of popping flashbulbs has become a brand-building exercise par excellence. In a few short years, she has rocketed from doe-eyed Upper East Side ingĂ©nue to international fashion figurehead.  She appears in the new series "The City"
Poised and as focused as a laser beam, she appears much older than her years, something she says she owes to surrounding herself with older friends. At the restaurant in The Standard hotel in her native New York, she orders an iced cappuccino and politely refuses food. Her face is doll-like, with huge brown eyes, dimples and perfect skin. Her outfit – and it's really her outfits that have won her hordes of young fashion-hungry fans – is so perfectly put together that even in a city like New York, where women are assiduously groomed and preened, she turns heads. 'You need to have a long-term plan,' she says of her rise to fame. 'You can't look at it like a deer in the headlights and only think about being in the moment. From the very first day I decided to start all of this I thought, "This has to be lasting. How is this going to work in 15 years?" That's how I look at it.' What insightful business sense, I say. 'Well, I'm a New Yorker,' she replies.
What  will her career  look like in 15 years, however, she won't say. She doesn't want to 'jinx' any upcoming projects by talking about them. But the strategy does involve acting – she plans to take classes – and designing, when the right collaboration comes along. This is the strategy of a woman who knows how to cash in on her moment and turn her beauty, ambition and love of fashion into a business.

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  1. Olivia is a favorite! At only 24 she certainly has made her mark in fashion!
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