Monday, February 28, 2011

Bottega Fashion 2011

The fabled  Bottega Veneta leather goods make up 80 percent of the companies product line.  Believe or not  a Bottaga Bag can cost up to 75,000 a piece when custom made with special skins such as crocodile. You will never see a logo on the outside of a Bottega handbag.  In the seven years Maier has run Bottega, he has pulled off one the great turnarounds in the annual sales. In 2001 the company was in the red and in 2007 it made 130 million in earnings. There are 113 stores worldwide. The Gucci group acquired Bottega in 2001 for 156 million.  The company was founded in 1966, in Vicenza, Italy in  the Veneto region .  The trade mark of Bottega was the working soft glove leather by hand and weaving it into a distinctive crosshatched pattern, called intreciciato.  The bag soon became an international symbol. There are 200 leather workers in the Bottega factory and the company started a craft school so that tradition may be passed on by the artists. Mair's collection for spring and fall have been well received and Tomas continues to bring sophisticated superior workmanship and great style to the fashion world
The artists are work crafting a Bottega masterpiece
Picture from

Tomas Maier Designer

Crocodile Handbag in Tangerine

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