Monday, February 21, 2011

Kelly Wearstler On The Runway

Kelly Wearstler's photos show a  sweet, calm demeanor and when I saw her as a judge on "Top Design" a reality show on Bravo in 2008 . I wondered who  was this  low key, mild mannered  interior designer. Behind this Grand Lady is a world of accomplishments .  Kelly grew up in Myrtle Beach, and attended the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. In her mid twenties, she moved to LA hoping to become a Hollywood set decorator.  In 1994, she posed for a  Playboy centerfold.  She met  Brad Korzen a young entrepreneur, and he hired her to do his house.  Since then, Kelly has been designer to high powered celebrities and does much of interiors of her husband's large projects. Her claim to fame was the Viceroy in Santa Monica in 2002. This started a  very impressive long career in  the Interior design  business as well as author and celebrity, Kelly also  designed a line of China  now selling in Bergdorfs...Recently she has added Clothing and accessories designer to her list of talents.  Her style has evolved from mid-century modern to glammed-up hollywood.  Her line of clothing will be in Bergdorfs.  The judge is still out on if she will succeed as clothing designer.  Here are some of her works! Doicilim Decoratus is her lasted book!

Kelly's Beautiful Office and Workroom

Kelly's runway clothes 2011

Entrance Hall Hill Crest Estate

Hue  (The Book)

Her living room (This house was on the market for forty six  million) Hillcrest Estate

Kelly and her husband Brad Korzen

Kelly with her Children
The Tides  South Beach Miami

Tides Restaurant South Beach

Bergdorf Restaurant

Viceroy Santa Monica

Kelly in an earlier bedroom she designed

Kelly's China Collection
"Tides" Miami Hotel and  Restaurant

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