Friday, February 11, 2011

Emilio Pucci Style

Fashion Week is in full swing and the designers are showing 2011 Fall . If you would like to see more of what is going on, Giulana Depandi, as a spot  in Lincoln Center and is filming interviews for the "E" network.  This winter has been so long that I decided to  keep in the spirit of Spring and stay clear of   Fall  fashion today!  Our sites are on spring, sun, summer, anything but wool, coats and fur . We had enough  of winter for this year!
What I found inspiring and   amazing, was the collection  Peter Dundas turned out for Emilio Pucci. It took me back to  the 70's era of free spirit. I loved every single style. The clothes just look so natural and flowed with the body.  I adore the bathing suits and the cover ups. It appears the  bathing suits may to be the hottest  look on the runway for spring. The tiny ties in the front and back of dresses are exactly what I have been dreaming and of course the prints. They are beautiful  and not overstated. The cut outs in the garments  are everywhere.  And let's not forget   strappy sandals ! The Pucci girl will  definitely knock your socks off this spring and summer! 

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