Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Boyfriend Fashion By Paul Smith

What fun seeing Paul Smith's collection of boy friend style fashion.  Classic and smart designs splashes of  color and wonderful  straight lines.  There have been so many times when  bored with clothes and needing an update  to my wardrobe,  I  would wander into the boys or men's department searching for a jacket or shirt .  Thank You Paul for designing this collection!  

 Paul Smith  returned to his original masculine-feminine women swear sensibility. It was a welcome homecoming, especially to those who've watched Smith's women's collections wander around the fashion map, searching for a niche to call home. "It looks like you borrowed your boyfriend's shirt, your boyfriend's jacket, your boyfriend's trousers," Smith said backstage.

Well, perhaps she borrowed a little more than that. There was a cute gender-bendy wit to striped and dotty shirts tucked into jaunty ankle-cropped trousers, worn with teddy-boy hairdos, cat-eye sunglasses, and clear spectator brogues.

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