Friday, February 18, 2011

Entertaining with Fashion

 Happy Friday! Final day of fashion week! Issac Mazarhi and Ralph Lauren made a big splash on the runway today. I will report on the fashion  looks this weekend but included a sneak preview of Issac having some fun on the runway! Today, I ran across some beautiful flowers. And got all involved with how they looked in different vases so thought I might share them with you. The colors reminded me of spring and  the color palette from this assortment makes me in the mood for some new spring clothes!  
In a few weeks Madison will be showing a line of clothing designed with flowers.I will be working on the project with my good friend Randi from Delford Flowers!  Stay tuned !  
Enjoy your weekend
calla lilies

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Issac's model with orange cake




Call Lilies and dahlia's


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