Friday, February 25, 2011

Spring Color Displays

Yesterday's venture,  was a trip to visit the department stores. I wanted to see  what is being displayed on the selling floors for spring! After a visit to Nordstrom's and a by chance meet up with my very good friend Lorraine I noticed an unusual  large collection of oranges and tangerines in clothing, handbags and accessories.  Lorraine confirmed  that it was definitely a dominant color this spring. Lorraine is an  associate at Nordstrom's. After walking the mall and observing  the displays from the stores. I came away with a vision of Dale Chihuly's  Sculpture.  Although not my favorite color, and don't believe I own a single  piece of tangerine  clothing or accessory. Maybe its time to consider one item ! 
Please comment on your view of the color this spring!

Dale Chihuly  Glass Sculpture resonates spring colors this spring

Chanel quilted orange handbag

Tahari  Handbag Neiman Marcus
J. Crew window

Michael Kors Tangerine Leather Bag
My wonderful friend  Lorraine Graziano, Nordstrom's sales associate!

Definitely have my eye on that black chanel

Chanel Mannequin was the only one in Black

Nordstrom's Selling Floor Handbag Department

Spanx orange sleeve 

Tori Burch

Tori Burch

Chihuly Sculpture in Naples

Kenneth Cole  Orange Short Trench Coat

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