Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mercedes Fashion Week Report

Christian V Siriano runway
(project runway winner)
Morning Saturday Lovers,  Pouring over  the fabulous looks  on  the fashion runway this week I selected a few to chat about. Would love to hear your thoughts on your favorites!  Of course,  there is always our must haves opposed to runway glamour styles. Normally,  some will never reach the shops or our closets. What happens, is we see an overview of trends and most of us fit them into our own style and the outcome is our lovely individual style. The creativity these designers bring to us each season is brilliant , with that, comes the  agonizing time and money to show their lines. With each season comes a review that can make or break a business!  Lately, reviews are supportive until, we can no longer handle ridiculous. We start with  the  chatter on Christain Siriano (Project runway winner). His fall collection was rather dark and needs classic refining but he is progressing as a designer and  trying to shed his reality show persona. He hired a stylist to re-create. I found that he as come far with his project runway winnings and  is definitely progressing as a designer.

Raul Melgoza  collection impressed me with his practical lines mixed with a relaxed natural feeling incorporating beautiful color and textures. His clothes have wonderful pieces I see in my closet.

 Wes Gordon

Wes Gordon may only be 24 years old, but his genius creativity is well beyond his years. This is his third collection . His fashion show was held at the St Regis Hotel around a grand piano. His clothes combine a balance between young and old, luxury and everyday.  The feeling is youthful with a classic approach.  Neimans, Saks,  Harrods carry his line.

Rag and Bone
David Neville and Marcus Wainwright hit the runway with patchwork of color resembling a future tribe of ski bums  and  fashion grunge elite.  The textures, color blocking and patchwork were wonderful.  There line make next winter so easier to bare.  I love the icy whites and gray combinations.

Rachel Zoe
Well our fashion stylist is just about to have her baby and too pregnant to travel from LA.  I found her line similar to the style she portrays on her reality show  reflecting  the 70's . Rachel brings out her little faux fur vest and trims.  Trench jackets and flare slacks are awesome.  She has done a nice job on this collection.  Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marchus, Saks , Bloomingdales, Nordstroms, have all given her some floor space..

Next week  we take a break from clothes!
In the mean time, Enjoy Saturday !

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  1. LOVING all the fall '11 shows! So great!


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