Monday, April 18, 2011

Floral Creation for Chanel

                   The Chanel Logo Challenge
Yesterday I met with my friend Randi, on a project we were working on for my  Madison blog . Randi owns Delford Flowers, we discussed  the idea of incorporating flowers and fashion. Her first challenge was the Chanel logo  in which she had a very large area and green foam as her pallet! Randi went to work with her talents.  She called me on Saturday and told me she had completed the Logo.  The finished piece was absolutely amazing, her artistry was brilliant ! Carnations in white and purple were used for the entire Logo. The video  below tells the story . The  Logo looked like a beautiful carpet for Karl Lagerfeld.  When filming we realized the possibilities for our next project. 

The spring Chanel runway  displayed  a floral paradise and I could not show you the beautiful logo without another look at the spring collection. One could almost feel Coco Chanel presence on this runway.  The pretty florals  combined with the tweeds, boots and ragged finishes of the garments were youthful, romantic and awe inspiring.


 Thank You Randi!


  1. Beautiful! Wouldn't it be cool to have a couples initials done in flowers for a wedding?!

  2. Thats so perfect. I love the combination of the purple and white. Chanel would be proud to have their logo represented so beautifully.


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