Monday, February 13, 2012

Derek Lam Fall Glamour

Welcome Monday loves!  Everything is coming up fashion this week!  Fall is my favorite time of year and so far the beautiful  2012 fall   clothes scream out wear me  or lose me forever. Derek Lam presented a 60's vibe on his runway yesterday. Cashmere  white peacoat, poplin shirt, V-neck, and full black skirt conjured visions of some quirky coed, only in real life her jacket probably wasn't shearling, the sweater wouldn't have been cashmere, and the skirt most definitely wasn't black patent. As always, there was great outerwear here, but Lam de-emphasized fur in favor of down, cutting a jacket and vest in neat, trim shapes.




Fashion on the streets of NY

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  1. I love the styling of the hair and the white jacket :) Such a pretty collection


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