Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Glamour Bedrooms

Before we start the New York  Fashion Week hoopla. I'm  pretending, the bedroom  above is mine, Pretty right!  Isn't that a slate floor and not a carpet in the above photo? Could a  mason build me that fireplace? Why do I torture myself over the details.   Let's just enjoy the view of the decadent room photos and put them in our mind file for the future.. 

Tomorrow starts NYC Fall Fashion Week! My posts will  cover a few glam runways and a look at the happenings at Lincoln Center  where models, designers, and media  gather for the next week. Today I am covering the IFB fashion blogger conference.  The blog media influence as become so large that many bloggers are  huge brands, traveling, and covering the globe. Today    some of the popular blogging  talents are sharing their  advice. 
Until we meet again, Have a great day

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  1. Oh my gosh making me wish I had a big lofty apartment instead of a tiny bedroom!


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