Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Marc Jacobs 2012 Madame

Marc Jacobs 

 Good Day to you wise people!  As you see the mind of  fashion  genius Marc Jacobs  created a Marie Antoinette meets street style 2012 for fall! The artist Rachel Feinstein created Mr Jacobs’ idea. The collection on the other hand was inspired by Anna Piaggi and Lynn Yaeger.  There were stacked heels and flat pilgrim loafers with giant buckles. Check out the  gigantic magnificent multicolored mink hats. And true to Marc Jacobs style, there was a new silhouette, padded hips,that is something I  personally would not be able to  pull off.  The man is a master of layering, he knows what it is like to live in cold/windy/rainy/snowy city. Cropped pants and mini dress?  Socks in shoes?  Let's see how his designs end up on  girl on the street fashion photos.


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