Sunday, February 19, 2012

Marc Jacobs Collection #2

Hello! Dare I say, spring is in the air.  The east coast is experiencing some very pretty weather. News people say  it may continue for the next  week!  Perfect day to take my bike out for a spin ! Before my day gets into full swing, take a look at  Collection #2 from Marc Jacobs!

Last week I posted about Marc's over the top, Madame Hatter Collection  ( Click Here)  The following day he showed his second collection that is more like the Marc Jacobs we love.  Remember his muse was Sophia Coppola, I  can still see her in these clothes.  Adore the shirt waist dresses and the belted coats and the pretty dresses. Do you recall Ungaro  dress prints and shapes? Wondered when I would see them again. Love Love, Thank You Marc Jacobs!  Included a few photos of his apartment!

Have a wonderful Day!

Mark's Apartment

Marc resting his bedroom

Love this Dress

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