Sunday, February 12, 2012

Rachel Zoe Styles 2012

Rachel Zoe Fashion 

Hello Sunday!  Yesterday Rachel Zoe proved she is a non stop ball of energy showing 46 outfits on the runway with an old school,  rock-star fashion blend of layering.  Her signature fur pieces and  wonderful  pants from straight leg toflare bottom fit beautifully.

The runway at the Empire Hotel was a parade of faux fur coats, skinny-style tuxedos, maxi dresses and thigh-high boots that you imagine young jet-setters wearing as they shuttle from London to Los Angeles — perhaps with a pit stop in New York. They’re outfits for the type of woman who can pull off gaucho pants, which were indeed part of the lineup. Great
work Rachel!  Gotta love a girl from Jersey!

Rachel Zoe  also sells clothes and Jewelry at QVC, (check it out)
Zoe stated that she wants to “design incredibly beautiful clothes that people can buy and people can wear and they can collect, that’s at a reasonable price point.’’ Ok, we like that!
Rachel Zoe Jewelry QVC

Rachel Zoe

Happy Sunday
 Day #4 Fashion Week

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