Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Euro Fashion

Good Day to all! Today we see photos outside the mens fashion shows in Europe shot by Tommy Ton!   ( Who is Tommy Ton?)

Off to the city for lunch! Yikes! forgot we have the giants parade today.  Better bring my walking shoes it may a challenge to hail a cab.   Enjoy the photos!  Ciao!

 Who is Tommy Ton?  Street style bloggers wish they had taken his photographs. Magazine editors wait for him to snap their photo. But who is the man behind the camera that zones in on all the little fashion details that the other photographers miss?
What does street style photography entail? Tommy parks outside fashion shows in New York, Milan or Paris, waiting stealthily for the right pair of shoes on the right editor or model to saunter by.
Tommy Ton
Thank you! The photos are wonderful!


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