Friday, February 3, 2012

House of A C N E-The Tassel Loafer

Happy Happy Friday!  During a glorious dinner last night with my best girlfriends. May I say  fabulous  friends,   Denise asked me about the  tassel loafers that appeared in a Sept Blog post !    While researching Italian fashion for today I came across the House of ACNE, and the runway sporting the popular tassel loafers. (Sept 20th)  Here is the 2012 recap  of the brand and the web site .  By the way I found the loafers at Saks Fifth Ave Click Here.  (a little pricey) 
                          Enjoy your Friday!

Sold Out Loafers

This collection set a new bar for Acne as a fashion house, as opposed to merely a bellwether street-wear brand. That said, you'll be seeing these pieces on the street; at a certain point during the show, one got the sense that the insider audience had stopped taking notes and started writing their preorders. That's always a good sign. Be on the lookout for Acne's giant-tasseled loafers: The black pairs will be a hit, and the ones in sparkly electric blue will be a fashion phenomenon.
One pair of the  loafers also found at Polyvore,  
Sold out on

Designer J. Johannson

Johansson's found inspiration on his  trip to Marrakech.   The designer explained after the show, he went to Morocco bored in advance of all the fashion clich├ęs the place had birthed, and left with the unhappy feeling that he, too, had been influenced. That ambivalence made him work extra-hard, apparently, to reconsider the city, and interpret its colors and attitude in a way that felt relevant and urbane.

Another site for shopping

Ok! Last tip, if you really want the tassel ! Here is a how to:


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