Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fashionable Stripes for Spring

Jil Sander Beach Stripes

Hello my lovelies! Well, one thing is certain for spring and summer, this year, stripes are everywhere!   The trend  surfaced last summer, although nothing compared to accessories designers displayed on  runways for spring. No denying the full impact of  bold stripes. Miuccia Prada's  message was crystal-clear. "It's time to be bold." And that's one maxim that, with any luck, will rub off on all of us. Another love is Jil Sander's wonderful carry all in striped nylon, would be perfect  for my trip  to Italy coming soon. I will leave you  with a message from my favorite little book! "Remember the most valuable resource you bring to your work and to your firm is your creativity". How Successful People Think: Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life

Jil Sander's Striping Shopping totes

Jil Sander  Blue and White Stripe Satchel

Jil Sander's Black,White Stripe  and Patent Bag

Prada Gray and Black Satchel
Marc Jacobs  Large Stripe Beach Bag

Prada Satchel

Prada  Gray, Black and White Stripe Bag

Prada Stripe Boa's

Prada Clutch

Prada Blue and White stripe Heels

Stripe Fur Boa from Prada

Royal Blue Clutch from Prada

Brown and Black Clutch from Prada

Prada Stripe  Green and Black Baby Doll Heels

Prada Orange and Black Stripe Clutch

Prada Dress and Matching Stripe Sun Hat

Prada Striped Sole Walking Shoe

Prada Sun Hat in Gray and Black Stripe

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