Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Jean Styles for Spring

Citizen of Humanity Jeans at Neiman's

Do you ever get confused on what jean style is in fashion this season. Is it flare bottoms, skinny jeans, low waist,high waisted,  flare bottoms, boot cut, bleached out, dark denim , trendy holes, or is it really just about the perfect fit for you body type. I began my research and covered quite a few brands. 

So, today while writing about Jean Style, I thought to make  a trip to Neiman Marcus for a  few photos.  During my little escapade ,I managed to get a little side tracked and wandered into the Chanel department.  After reviewing all the one of kind Chanel's. My lovely sales girl managed to persuade me into taking one home with me. This was not a scheduled purchase and had to take a few deep breaths.   However,in my  defense I've been giving away and selling all my handbags  only to replace with one classic, extravagant purchase. So, I share with you the Jean and Handbag experience.

Side tracked into the Chanel Department
My Chanel Purchase
Lovely Sales Girl at Neiman's

Back on track reporting on Jean Style 
Current Elliot Brand Jeans at Neiman's

White and blue denim jeans never seem to go out of style. As long as the fit, length, and shape for your body works, wear them.
I happen to love the stretch in some jean material. They manage to   move  with your body and shape in the right places, also,  don't have to worry too much about shrinkage.

J Crew Jeans

J Crew Jeans

Gisele in White Seven Jeans

Angelina Jolie

Olivia Palermo

Kate Beckensale

Katie Homes (your boyfriends jeans)

Kim Kardashian

J Brand cropped jeans

Current /Elliott jeans

Current/Elliot jeans

Current Elliott stretch Jeans

Sold Denim Jeans

Current Elliott

Seven cropped jeans

Neiman Marcus Customer with Hermes

Displays at Neiman for True Religion Jeans


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  1. Boy, do I love those unscheduled purchases. Just feel so darn good to be holding a shopping bag full of goodies. Love the bag!


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