Monday, March 7, 2011

Hermes 2011 New Designer

Model holding a Falcon wearing leather hermes hat 

Christophe Lemaire displayed his first 2011 fall collection for Hermes in Paris. He had previously  held  a design position with Lacoste and traded up for the fine skin and leathers at Hermes.  The designer's access to the Hermes workroom gave his work a sophisticated polish was was overwhelming in high drama styling. His personality came through with elements of oriental travel pieces and borderline men's and women's wear styling. The casual luxury of Hermes was transformed into ultra chic  sophistication with classic glamour.

Leather Phone accessory with tassels

Signature Leather  Burnt Orange Cuff
Orange Suite with angle length trousers

Brown Leather skirt and Jacket
Hermes Bike

Kelly Bag

Hermes Leather Saddle

Soft wool slacks with leather wrap belt

Suede Coat with Beautiful leather boots

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  1. I loved the clothes but for me Hermes is essentially about luxury handbags and I don't think we saw enough of those. I don't think there were any Kelly's or Birkins? I would have loved to see a new design. Overall I am pleased with his work, it must be a difficult task to switch to such a high end label with a long history and a large fan base.


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