Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Vivienne Westwood Wild Fashion

Most of us remember Vivienne Westwood as the designer for  Carrie Bradshaw's wedding dress in the movie "Sex in City". Jessica Parker wore that dress complete with peacock feather on her failed wedding day.   The wedding dress has subsequently become widely recognised as one of the movie's most iconic features. Vivienne, is a British fashion designer and business women responsible for modern punk and new wave fashion.  Her spring collection this year is  a rags to riches collection of plaids, silks, sheers and cottons. I find it quite entertaining and can't help but wonder, if she toned it down just a bit, the collection would get down to the basic fun attitude and wearable feel.  Vivienne was born in 1941, in Derbyshire, England. She attended the University of Westminister and was named fashion designer of the year in, 1990,1991, and 2006. She has two children. Vivienne is a grand Dame and look forward to viewing many more collections!

Jessica Parker in Vivienne's Dress

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